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The benefits of prenatal aquatics


The benefits of prenatal aquatics from an occupational therapist

  1. Weightlessness- this is what I loved most about being in the pool when pregnant!  It was great to have some time to float and take the weight and strain of my belly off of my back and bladder.  It also can help with ankle swelling and pelvic pain.  Being in the pool was the one time I could move easily in my third trimester.
  2. Prioritizing yourself- when you join a prenatal aquatics group- you prioritize time for yourself and your pregnancy.  Each pregnancy is unique and special.  This can be a special time just for you and baby.  During my first pregnancy, my prenatal aquatics class was something I looked forward to each week- just a time to be in the water with other pregnant ladies and to relax.
  3. Time to prepare- each week of prenatal aquatics helps you prepare yourself for becoming a mom (again perhaps), prepare your body for birth (I have had a c-section, VBAC and water birth) and prepare your mind for the changes to come.  

Why a group?

If you are wondering why prenatal aquatics is offered in a group- you will quickly find out how nice it is to see other mamas-to-be!  It's a fun and safe space to get all the bellies out and enjoy time to vent frustrations and share mom hints and hacks.  PLUS- you get to make mom friends in the process.

The occupational therapy difference

There are lots of ways prenatal aquatics may be delivered- water aerobics, fitness classes, aquatic therapy and more.  The occupational therapy difference is that OT providers are trained in physical and mental health.  OT uses activities to help people feel their best.  Occupational therapy also focuses on roles (like being a mom, wife, employee, sister, or single mom) and routines (how will baby fit into your routines and how will they need to change).  Each week of prenatal aquatics addresses a common theme in the fourth trimester to help you prepare your body and mind for motherhood and baby.

Prenatal aquatics is the best way to relax and improve your physical and mental health through pregnancy.


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Pregnant in the pool
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