Below Learn about insurance coverage, how nature is part of our occupational therapy and location in Flemington New Jersey.  If your question is not answered- please call, text or email for more information.

What’s occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy is a holistic medical discipline that helps people be successful in activities they do each day.  They focus on achieving success through physical health, mental health and spiritual health. Epona Therapy Services provides occupational therapy services focused on children and families interacting with nature.

Do you accept insurance?

Epona Therapy Services is not an in-network provider for any insurance company.  I want to work for my clients and meeting your goals is the most important outcome. Your child can receive services as long as they are benefiting and loving therapy. My families are motivated to come to therapy each week and see amazing outcomes through connecting with nature. Services can be paid for through packaged services and payment plans.

Why don’t you accept my insurance?

Epona Therapy Services prefers to work directly for our clients, not for insurance companies.  I want to spend my time designing amazing activities to help your child, not on the phone with the insurance company. My services are packaged to include the evaluation, weekly OT sessions and ongoing support- this model provides the quickest path to the results that are important to you and your family.

How do I work with you?

Give us a call or text (732 595 8515) or email EponaTherapy  We’ll discuss your needs, goals and budget as well as review our schedule.  We work with limited clients to ensure that we can spend enough time with each family.

What types of challenges do you address?

We work with children that are smart, but struggling. Challenges often include anxiety, attention, difficulty with planning and organizing school work, sensory processing, core strength and balance, managing their big feelings, social skills, and other concerns that impact them at home and school. We also work with families who want to make healthy changes supporting new habits and routines in the great outdoors.