Discover the benefits of aquatic therapy

Aquatic therapy helps kids with movement challenges, sensory issues and anxiety.  It can be helpful for adults with chronic pain, recovery from injuries like a brain injury or stroke.  Prenatal aquatic classes are fun and relaxing way to prepare for birth.

why work with us?

Aquatic therapy can help


Children enjoy therapy in the water.  Fun games encourage kids to move and occupational therapy helps them learn to apply those movements to life outside the pool.

Adaptive Swimming

Swimming is a life skill.  Many typical swim lesson programs and instructors are not trained to help children with special needs learn this important life skill.  Join us and learn to swim.


The water helps to reduce back and hip pain during pregnancy.  Stretches in the water help prepare the body for birth.  Weekly topics around birth and parenthood address mental health.

about Aquatic Occupational Therapy

From water to land

Aquatic occupational therapy helps people with skills needed for work and play!  For children this can mean the skills needed for balance when playing on the floor or helping children manage their sensory experiences, so that they can be more engaged in the classroom.  For adults, aquatic therapy can help regain skills needed for attending work, transferring into/out of a wheelchair or using both sides of the body after a stroke.  

The power of aquatic therapy comes from qualities of being in the water- a weightless feeling, more resistance when moving through the water to strengthen muscles and the whole body sensory experience of being in the water.  The experience of occupational therapy in the water is new to most people, fun and engaging- a great way to get therapy done!

occupational therapy

Discover how we help you meet your goals

Occuaptional therapy providers are specialists in helping people reach their goals through motivating activities.  

At Epona Therapy Services, we believe in holistic ways to help people heal and grow.  We focus on natural methods of therapy, such as nature based outdoor sessions, hippotherapy, therapy goats and aquatic therapy.  You can begin your journey with use by signing up below.

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What do I need to bring?

A swimsuit, towel, dry change of clothes, water shoes (optional) and swim diaper (f needed).  We recommend a wet suit for infants and young children in the pool.  A water bottle and swimsuit for the parent during the first few sessions may also be helpful.

How do I get started?

It's EASY!  You can sign up at our client portal and schedule an OT evaluation (if needed) or sign-up for a session appointment or class.  

What are my payment/insurance options?

You may pay with a credit card, check or cash.  You may use funds from a Health Savings Account (HSA).  We provide an out of network superbill for all OT services.