Looking for a local Prenatal Aquatics program?

Our prenatal aquatics program is perfect for mamas-to-be 12-36 weeks pregnant!  Our program is offered in Branchburg in a flexible schedule format to work with your prenatal appointments and family commitments.  We are currently offering the program on Sundays.

What is a prenatal aquatics program

Physical and mental health for mamas-to-be

The Epona Aquatics Program combines exercises for physical strengthening and stretching with support for the changes during pregnancy and into motherhood.  This program helps pregnant mamas-to-be find strength for the challenges they may face in pregnancy, birth and during the fourth trimester.  We help support you in having a strong and prepared body for pregnancy, birth and beyond.


By strengthening the back and abdominal muscles you can reduce back and hip pain and keep your balance as your belly grows.


Stretching tight muscles can help keep you moving longer and easier as your belly grows.  Stretching can be an important step in preparing for birth.


Like your favorite girl group hanging out in the pool and talking all things mom and baby, with a healthy dose of expertise from your on-call OT.

Benefits of our prenatal aquatics program

Less swelling

Get off your feet- they say.  The gentle pressure from the water surrounding your body can reduce swelling in your feet, ankles and legs.

Better Sleep

Sleep can be hard to come by as your baby grows, but after exercising AND relaxing in the pool- a snooze is easier to come by.


Imagine floating in the pool and feeling weightless in your third trimester- it is heaven.


Not like those 80's aerobics classes, but a great way to get more oxygen in your blood stream and going to baby.

Program Pricing

We make it easy to get started

Prenatal Aquatics Program


One hour class

Offered once a month

  • Gentle Warm Up
  • Fun Exercises
  • Free float time
  • Weekly discussion topics
  • friendly support
  • flexible scheduling

More questions?  Contact us!

  • Raritan Valley Community College Pool
  • EponaTherapy@gmail.com
  • 732 595 8515