Occupational therapy

Hippotherapy is a tool that we use to help our clients meet their goals.

Horses can provide a holistic way to address sensory, movement and social skills.

Movement is life

The movement of the horse addresses sensory, motor, strength, endurance and body awareness in our clients.

The therapist is responsible for changing the movement to meet the child's needs.  This happens on a moment to moment basis.  The input from the horse happens at the rate of 100 steps or input per minute.  This makes it a very powerful tool.

Social and Sensory

Interactions with the horse and therapy team promote social skills.  The therapy team, including the horse is a very social experience.  Children are engaged with the horse and therapy team and find new ways to communicate, make connections and express feelings.

The sensory input at the farm is ongoing and varied.  The therapist can modify the sensory input to improve sensory processing and help build daily living skills.

Attention and Thinking Skills

The farm and horses provide so many opportunities to work on attention, safety awareness, planning and working memory skills.  Your child's therapist will specially design activities with the horse and the farm environment to work on developing better attention and thinking skills.

Steps to how we work


An occupational therapy evaluation is required to work with Epona Therapy Services.  We can provide an evaluation to determine your child's strengths and areas for growth OR we can work with an OT evaluation dated within one year.


Occupational therapy sessions are provided on a weekly basis.  Three packages help parents determine the right level of services and support.  Weekly sessions vary from 45-60 minutes and include a variety of occupational therapy tools to meet your child's goals.


Parent support and communication is a key part of our process.  Each week check into the Parent Portal to see your child's progress, ask questions and get activities and support.

Discharge or Graduation

We are here to support your family and help your child meet their OT goals.  When they reach those goals we're here to celebrate too!  

Contact us

If you are interested in beginning your child's occupational therapy journey with us, please contact us.


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