What happens when you combine occupational therapy with animals and aquatics?

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Listen along to our journey exploring topics in occupational therapy when partnering with animals and using aquatics.  Ryan and Gina host their own podcast to help other OT providers make their dream career a reality.

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Sign up for a workshop, course or retreat to enrich your understanding of hippotherapy,  animals in occupational therapy, nature based practice and aquatic therapy.

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Join us in-person or virtually as an intern.  We have seasonal openings for in-person interns assisting with hippotherapy and aquatics.  We also accept 2 virtual interns per year.

Animals in OT

Learn about how occupational therapy providers can partner with a variety of different animals to support our clients' mental and physical well-being.  

Aquatic Occupational Therapy

The benefits of water have long been recognized, however most of the information about aquatic therapy is provided by PT's.  Get the uniquely OT view of aquatic therapy with Ryan and Gina.

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Animals and Aquatics in Occupational Therapy is the podcast for occupational therapy providers who are passionate about a career outside the box.   Each episode, we chat about our weekly sessions and problem solve better outcomes for our clients, review interesting research around nature-based therapy, the benefits of partnering with animals and the healing powers of water.   From how to find facilities to partner with (if you don't own a horse or a pool), intervention planning, to fieldwork placements and sites, we'll provide actionable tips & tools, systems & processes, resources & training you need to make your dream a reality.

Animals and Aquatics in Occupational Therapy

We are here to support others who want to create an amazing and passion filled career in the field of occupational therapy.  Animals and Aquatics is filled with experiences from our work at Epona Therapy Services as well as evidence based practice and interviews from others in the field.

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