At Epona Therapy, we offer the right program for your families needs: 1:1 occupational therapy sessions, nature and play groups, and Sensory Health Living online.

  • Specialized in building attention, organizing, planning, self-initiation, task completion, managing big feelings and anxiety skills through the power of nature.
  • Help kids develop a framework to get their work done without mom or dad helping them step by step
  • Work on building friendships and learn how to work with others to keep friendships fun
  • Kids learn to assess their own work- school work, chores at home or team work with peers

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Occupational Therapy 1:1 Sessions

Occupational therapy is how we focus on building independence skills in daily life.  We focus on kids with ADHD, anxiety and executive function challenges.  Our sessions take place in nature or at the stables with the horses.  This allows kids to feel excited about coming to therapy and our virtual support platform allows parents to stay involved in their child's session.  See our package pricing below for 1:1 OT sessions.


Nature and play groups

Our nature groups use the POWER framework to build your child's ability to plan and organize their own work.  We help kids make friends and build social skills.  The group is one time per week for 90 minutes to allow for time to transition, learn and practice and follow up with parents at the end of each group.  Every group has their own online meeting room for pictures of activities, a private place to ask questions and get support.

Our Developmental playgroups are for children 3-6 years old and build play, emotional regulation, sensory and social skills.  We play outside, rain or shine, and learn about the wonders of nature while building key skills that support early childhood development.  Groups are one hour per week and are drop off or parents may participate or observe.


Hippotherapy is a tool used by occupational therapists to harness the powerful movement of the horse.  Gina is certified as a Hippotherapy Clinical Specialist and is a faculty member for the American Hippotherapy Association.  She understands how to use the stable and equine movement to create real life changes for her clients.


Sensory Healthy Living

We are beginning a new online program that will guide families through developing their child's focus, cooperation, emotional regulation and independence.  This is a six week coached program that provides parents ways to assess their sensory health, create a sensory healthy personal recipe and family diet and discover a sensory exercise plan to create a sensory healthy lifestyle for the whole family.


Why you shouldn't wait to get started on skill building

  • There are key development periods for developing specific skills.  When children miss these periods, they lack the skills that their peers have mastered, they may struggle more in school and as parents our expectations may not match their current skill level.  Once your child is struggling, it is time to build skills- this might look like an at home program, coaching or beginning therapy.  The important thing is to get started.  If you have a question about what might be right for your child- call or text me a question 7332 595 8515.
  • If you are worried about the cost of getting help- we get it. However, the cost of not getting help is greater than the cost of getting support. We don't want any family to miss out based on cost.  We have support for every family who wants to help their child develop the skills that lead to successful lives after parenting.  The skills your child will develop help your child become more calm, cooperative and confident. 
  • It can feel like a big leap to get started,  most families feel some nervousness when getting started with something new- if that's coaching, therapy or other support.  Do you wonder to yourself, "What if this doesn't work?"  Lots of parents wonder what the process of working with us would be like- here's some information to help you understand the process:  First we connect with you and make sure we're a good fit and can help your child's needs.  Next, if you are beginning occupational therapy, your child will complete an evaluation to identify your child's strength and areas for skill development.  If your child is participating in a group- you will get your welcome emails to help you get prepared and your child feel ready.  For those in the Lucky Ones- join our next parent training and jump right into this weeks' activity.  We offer a Good-Fit guarantee for our in person therapy, groups and coaching.  For The Lucky Ones we offer a 90 day money back guarantee.  Really, we want to make sure there is nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Every week my son asks if he is going to work with Gina.  He loves the weekly group and is making friends while learn new skills.  We are amazed at how much he has grown.

Jenny / 

Mom to 10 year old son

After working with Ryan my son was courageous to ask for things at stores and restaurants. He lost his temper a few times but was able to recover relatively quickly. We are so proud of him.

Ivonne /

Mom to  9 yo son

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Mark / 

Dad to 7 yo son

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our Sensory Healthy Living program




Nature Groups

Nature groups are structured to help children build their thinking, planning and independent wrok skills in a social setting,  The groups are 90 minutes long and offered one time per week.




Executive Function Coaching

Personalized coaching for your child to develop the important executive function skills that help children be successful at home and school.  Skills covered are time management, planning, organizing, getting work done and managing feelings.



Sensory Health Lifestyle Design


The All Access Support provides individualized support in understanding your families unique sensory needs (personal sensory recipes and diet, additional self testing support and a detailed sensory exercise program), weekly Q & A office hours to provide that additional personalized support.




Skillbuilders Package

OT Skillbuilders package is perfect for families who already have a great support team and are looking for additional therapy visits to support their child's progress at home and school. Parent and therapist communication is highlighted. We focus on 1-2 main skills areas each month.




Intensive Package

OT Intensive package is best fit for families who need holistic support in therapy, parent support, weekly activities, a home program and help with transferring skills to the community. Intensive support gives you additional access to your therapist. We focus on 3 main skills areas each month.

An Occupational Therapy Evaluation is required to begin therapy services.  If you do not have a OT evaluation within one year or would like to have an evaluation completed the cost of the evaluation is $200.

Please see our FAQs for more information regarding insurance coverage for occupational therapy services.

We are an out of network provider.  


Good Fit Guarantee

Our goal is to provide high quality care for your family! We want our relationship to be mutually beneficial.  After 3 sessions, we will reach out to you to discuss your child’s progress and your satisfaction with our services.  If, at that time, it is determined that your child is not progressing or our team is not a good fit for your child, you may discontinue therapy services, groups or coaching without further financial obligation. 

The Lucky Ones offers a 90 day money back guarantee!  If, for any reason, our program doesn't work for you or your child, you can get a full refund anytime within the first 90 days. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Meet Your Team

Gina Taylor
Gina Taylor, OT
Ryan Bunting
Ryan Bunting COTA/L