Specializing in hippotherapy

and aquatic therapy.

We provide holistic occupational therapy services in Flemington NJ

What we do

We help kids develop their strengths, gain new skills and confidence.

Children do well, when they can.  If your child is struggling at home or school- we can help.  Our nature based approach helps kids open up, learn new skills and motivates them to use these skills in real life.

We love to help your child meet their next level of challenges.  We often see children who are stuck or plateaued in their traditional or clinical therapy setting.  


Come play with our therapy goats, make a big splash in the pool, feel the powerful movement from a horse or learn to make a tree fort in the woods.


We love to share our results with you- every week and every session.  Seeing your child grow and bloom is the best evidence.


Our kids ask if they are coming to sessions with us every week.  Parents always say that their child is asking if it's the day for their session or group.

Sessions and groups as unique as your family

There's no traditional clinic occupational therapy here.  Our OT sessions are unique through the tools we use to achieve results and the support we provide for each family.

We specialize in hippotherapy and aquatic therapy.  This means that occupational therapy happens in the water or at the stables!  These settings help kids open up, relax and try new things.  AND it allows us to help you child reach their next skill level.

why we do it

We’re a team

We're a husband and wife, mom and dad team.  We know the dreams and goals that you have for your children are special, just like ours.  We are here to help guide you and your child on a new path of learning, growing and blooming.

We don’t offer one-size-fits-all clinical approaches or unrealistic promises of magical one-hour a week sessions. What we offer is a comprehensive and holistic program of change for your child and family, easy to do outdoor activities and ongoing parent communication to equip you for ongoing carryover so you feel like the important leader of your child’s support team!

We want to foster growth...

At Epona, we don’t just offer one-on-one occupational therapy sessions, we offer nature-based group sessions, OT groups with our therapy goats and even a fly-fishing group in the summer. We do it differently because each child and family has their own goals and support needs.  Some families want therapy services in a weekly individual session, other families are looking for a fun group for their child to attend, for others once a month support group is perfect.

For caregivers, with traditional therapy there's really limited time for conversation at the end of your kid’s one hour session for just about 5 minutes, which always feels rushed.So you leave and come back the next week, but there is so much time in between sessions where you might have questions or would like to activities at home, or feel like you should remember what your therapist told you to do at home but can’t. So the traditional model feels really lacking to parents because you want to know what’s happening in your child’s session, what they’re working on, how they did, and what you can do at home to help them make progress. But without open lines of communication between sessions, that doesn’t happen.

So we decided to do something totally different at Epona to address these shortcomings in a traditional therapy model. We believe that parent communication is the key to effective therapy and support your helps your child developing.  So we include nature, parent empowerment, team communication, and offer customized school and home programs.


What Epona Therapy Families say


Matt's mom

Matt has been better regulated and needed less sensory breaks at school.  He is able to focus better and is talking more and making friends.


Amin's dad

We're so excited to see the progress Amin has made with his emotions and tantrums.  Working with Ryan has made such a difference for us.

Contact Information

Find us here: Sutton Farm

Email:  Gina@EponaTherapyServicces.com

Phone: 732 595 8515