Occupational therapy with nature
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Epona Therapy Service provides holistic, nature-based occupational therapy. We work in the home, community and local farm settings. Each location is selected to help each individual grow, develop and thrive. This isn’t your typical clinical OT visit. This fun at the farm is occupational therapy. The goals and the focus may be the same, but the experience is remembered for a lifetime. We offer face to face sessions and parent support in each of our therapy packages. Ready for a holistic and supportive therapy journey?

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Therapy for children and adults

Occupational Therapy can work with nature, goats, and horses to nurture your child.

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Occupational therapy with horses
Therapy is easy when you love it.
  • Are you looking for occupational therapy incorporating hippotherapy, small farm animals and outdoor sessions?
  • Is you child calmer and ready to learn after outdoor play or sensory activities?
  • Do you want holistic support to meet your family’s goals? 

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