Elevate Your Child's Journey with Epona's Unique

Nature-Based Occupational Therapy

Welcome to Epona Therapy Services, where we redefine occupational therapy through a holistic and nature-inspired approach. Unlike traditional clinical settings, our therapy sessions unfold in the great outdoors, calming waters of the pool,  within the community, and even amidst the lively ambiance of  local horse farms. Each location is carefully chosen to nurture your child's growth, development, and overall well-being.

At Epona, we believe in crafting experiences that go beyond the ordinary clinical visit. Picture your child engaged in therapeutic play at the farm – this is occupational therapy at its most vibrant. While our goals and focus remain grounded in effective therapy technqiques, the changes created during these sessions last a lifetime.

Our commitment extends beyond the therapy room. Epona offers not just face-to-face sessions but also unwavering parent support for every family. We invite you to embark on a holistic and supportive therapy journey with us, where each moment is designed to foster your child's development in a way that is both effective and unforgettable. Are you ready for a transformative experience with Epona?

  • Are you looking for occupational therapy incorporating hippotherapy, small farm animals and outdoor sessions?
  • Is you child calmer and ready to learn after outdoor play or sensory activities?

  • Do you want holistic support to meet your family's goals? 

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