Green Leaf Group

Designed for school aged children, this group focuses on time outdoors for interactions with peers, nature activities and learning important life skills.  Older children can explore more, hike further and experiment with creating their own spaces in nature.  This group is a great outlet from the challenges of online learning, decreased social interactions with peers and the drive for independence.

Our Locations

The Four Leaf Outdoor Program has two locations farm and forest.  Our hobby farm in Flemington, NJ and our forest location is at a local park in Flemington NJ.  These two locations offer a diverse experience in outdoor activities.  At our farm the Green Leaf group will have opportunities to care for and interact with our two friendly alpacas, learn about bees and beekeeping (if interested) and experience gardening and the bounty of the harvest.  At Bernadette Morales nature Preserve the group can hike throughout the park, explore water creatures in the creek and socialize at the outdoor classroom.  Each outdoor space is supportive of outdoor learning and exploration.  When we need a break from the weather we have a lovely “Honey House” that has a loft space for older children to do art work or work on their nature journal.

Green Leaf Group

Daily Flow

Arrival and daily decision for activity

Group Activity

Break, snack, water

Further exploration from group activity or preferred activity

Nature journals

Conclusion and goodbye


Summer Activities

Skills and learning
  • Water activities
  • Flower pressing
  • Solar wax melting
  • Gardening and harvesting
  • Butterfly watching and bug catching

Fall Activities

Activities and Art
  • Leaf piles
  • Fort building
  • Gourd birdhouses
  • Wet felting with alpaca wool
  • Potato/pumpkin stamping

Winter Activities

Outdoor and Indoor activities
  • Snow block building
  • Ice capsules
  • Sledding
  • Exploring animal hibernation
  • Jigsaw puzzles from photos
  • Snow cones
  • Winter art prints

Next Steps…

Interested?  Complete a registration form today.  Group is limited to six participants.

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