Join us on Saturday October 22nd.

We are going to celebrate connection with the great outdoors and each other!  We are going to celebrate your child's senses in the great outdoors.  And you are invited.

Spooky Sensory Saturday is a special Halloween themed family fun event that will help you learn about the benefits of nature, meet our therapy goats and get to know the Epona Therapy Team.

The Epona Therapy goats love people and kids.  They can help kids connect with others, connect with nature and they are great at making friends.  This month they will be dressing up in the spirit of Halloween and helping kids learn dressing skills in a fun way.

Come prepared- rain or shine!  We love to play in all weather and will be exploring the stream, trails and outdoor classroom area.  Dress for the weather and outdoor play, bring a water bottle and apply sunscreen and bug spray before arriving.  There is a port-a-potty located on site.

Why attend?

Learn about how the sensory benefits of nature can help your child build attention, focus, problem solving skills and reduce anxiety.  If you want to experience the benefits of nature, you must not miss this Spooky Sensory Saturday.

Why Nature?

Many children don’t get the opportunity to experience the play and activities needed to develop a healthy nervous system. They can end up struggling with the physical, social, and sensory challenges of school, childcare, and everyday life. Nature is the ultimate sensory experience for all children and a necessary form of nourishment for a child's attention, ability to regulate their emotions and improve mental health.  The outdoors naturally challenges a child senses with the many sounds, smells, textures, temperatures, and colors it offers. Getting kids outside to feel bark, run their fingers through mud and hear the natural birdsong should be natural. Let your kids drive the activities and pace to watch them develop their sensory superpowers!

Research shows that time spent in green space (grass/trees) and blue space (water) have a positive effect on a child’s health. Outside time reduces anxiety and depression, improves cardiovascular health due to increased physical activity, improves academic performance, and heightened attention. A study published in the American Journal of Public Health examined the impact of natural settings on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) symptoms and found that “green outdoor settings” reduced symptoms. Kids who get outside are happier, have better problem-solving skills, enhanced creativity, and more opportunities for social interactions with others.

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Sensory Saturday!

A $25 fee per family is requested for supplies for this special SPOOKY Sensory Saturday event.

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