live workshop

Sensory Healthy

Eating and Mealtimes

November 19th

1:00 pm

What you’ll learn in this webinar:

Picky Eaters vs. Problem Feeders

Parents will learn how to tell if their child is a picky eater or if their eating habits indicate a problem.  It's important for parents to understand the difference between typical childhood eating preferences and problems with eating that impact growth and nutrition.

Sensory healthy support for eating

The top three sensory techniques for improving how and what your child eats will be taught, so that you can begin right away to help your child.  You will learn how to get your child to eat a bigger variety of foods as well as healthier alternatives to their favorite foods.

Happy Meals

The value of family mealtimes goes far beyond nutrition.  When mealtimes are battlegrounds, everyone suffers.  Let's work together to turn mealtime battles into happy meals.

Gina Taylor

Sensory Health Expert

Gina Bunting is a mom of three and occupational therapist.  She is certified in Sensory Integration and has helped many families find a path to sensory health and wellness.  She knows the challenges of parenting and creating a way to help children get their needs met.  

She is now offering her years of experience in a format that can reach and support so many more families- through the Sensory Healthy Lifestyle Program.