Are you ready for your child to make amazing gains, new friends while gaining confidence and independence?

It's hard as a parent to watch your child struggle to do things that come so easily to other kids- things like climbing on the playground, making friends, using flexible thinking, or playing with other kids. It's can be so hard to see them struggle and they may have to work harder than others just to get through the day.  They may become anxious, overwhelmed, or easily frustrated.  Your child may seem tired and lethargic, or maybe the opposite: high energy, constantly on-the-go, and rarely slowing down for a second.

Do any of these sound like your child?  

We understand how nature can help your child make gains in their development. You might feel perplexed or overwhelmed, but we can show you how our strategic method of nature based therapy benefits kids who need a little extra help.  If you worry they may be missing critical skills they need to develop during the early years of childhood, we can support you with easy nature based activities that you can re-create all year long.

All kids should have the support they need to gain attention, executive function and social-emotional skills that are foundational for a healthy and happy life.  

That’s our job. 

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Outdoor Nature

your key to
fun and success

Welcome to our Forest Focus Grop

Here's how our groups can help


Kids feel confident when they can do well, conquer challenges and feel capable.  Confident kids are more cooperative, have better control over their emotions and are willing to try new things.

Time in Nature

Research shows that child who spend more time in nature have longer attention spans, decreased challenging behaviors and better sleep.  Now, who wouldn't want a dose of that medicine?

Making friends

Groups help kids to build skills such as turn taking, starting a conversation with another kid, resolving conflicts and working together to create an amazing outdoor fort.

Is your child right for the group?

Our Forest Focus groups are perfect for children aged 7-12 years old who would need more calm, cooperation and confidence in their lives.  Our nature-based OT group is a just-right combination of fun outdoor experiences and social connections. Ideal for kids who need some extra practice to interact positively with others, manage their emotions and upgrade their thinking/planning and doing skills.

Parents who choose our program:

  • Value  being outdoors 
  • Seek help for their child having challenges at home or school
  • Don’t mind a child who comes home a little dirty and tired
  • Love a therapy option that is so much fun it doesn’t feel like work

What are the days and times of the group?

April 4th through June 13th, 2023


After School Hours:  4:00-5:30pm

What is included in the group?

  • "Get to know you" call
  • Review of intake paperwork and previous reports
  • Collaborative goal setting 
  • Weekly updates with summaries
  • Individual videos to show your child's progress (with media release provided)
  • Progress note at the conclusion of group
  • Weekly 90-minute sessions of fun confidence building in the great outdoors!

Group sessions investment for participation is $75 per  session.  There are 11 total session and 2-3 absences are permitted within the group time frame. Sibling discounts available if there is room in the group.

 A current (less than 12 months) OT evaluation is required to participate in group. If your child doesn't have one, we will complete an evaluation to give you a holistic view of your child's strengths and areas for growth.  The evaluation rate is $200 for a 1:1 in-person evaluation, online parent assessments and written report that can be re-used in school IEP meetings, with other therapy providers and to support your child in other recreational activities. 

Your nature guides

Gina and Ryan are both NJ licensed Occupational therapy practitioners and avid outdoor enthusiasts.  They understand how to work with kids in the outdoors to bring out the best in each child.  Gina is kind and crafty and loves engaging the group in cooperative play.  Ryan brings the challenge and structure to the groups.  This teamwork is a great model for the group members and helps demonstrate positive social interactions for children.

Gina and Ryan

Epona Therapy Team

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Recreation or therapy?

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Don't hesitate! Spots are limited to eight children in each group.  Groups fill fast and we want to help as many families as possible.

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