Want a smooth transition between school and ESY? 

A nature based camp

that helps kids focus.

Beyond the fun and games, summer camp provides a direct connection to nature – from the birds and animals to the plants and trees.  Kids are able to relax, engage in a range of sensory experiences in a supportive social environment.

Forest Focus Summer Camp is all about combining the power of nature with the skills of occupational therapy to help kids in the transition from school to the extended school year.

Offering only two weeks in June and two weeks in August- Forest Focus Summer Camp takes kids through a full day outdoor program to improve attention, focus, organization and social skills through the fun of a summer camp experience.

Camp Details

Forest Focus Summer Day camp will be held in Flemington, NJ.  The weeks that camp is offered is:

  • June 26-30th
  • July 3-7th (no camp on July 4th)
  • August 14th-18th
  • August 21st- 25th

What to Bring

Children should bring a small backpack, change of clothes, water bottle, lunch and snacks.  Campers will be provided with a nature journal to bring with them each day of camp. Campers should wear clothing for the weather, sunscreen and bug spray.  Sunscreen and bug spray will be available throughout the day.

Camper Details

Our campers are ages 6-11 years old and struggle with attention, focus, anxiety,

Why Attend

 Forest Focus Summer Camp

Forest Focus Summer Camp was created to help children with ADHD thrive in the summer months between school years or school and ESY.  Camp activities are created to help build focus, organization, sensory and social skills.  We teach problem-solving and conflict resolution through group discussions, modeling, and practice.  Our highly-structured schedule and supportive staff provide a safe environment in which to build friendships and independence.

Most of all, our campers have fun!

Camp Pricing Options

Summer Fun Price



One week of full day

summer camp

Occupational Therapy Price



summer camp with one hour of occupational therapy per day

Lead Staff

Ryan Bunting, COTA/L

Ryan is a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant and licensed in the state of New Jersey.  He is certified in CPR/First Aid, as a lifeguard and is an outdoor expert.  He works with children and teens to improve their attention, regulation and executive function skills through outdoor and survival skills.  He is a Marine Corps veteran and a positive role-model for campers in the Forest Focus Summer Camp.

Support staff are occupational therapy students and other occupational therapy professionals. Our staff learn to utilize the camp environment and nature to build social skills, independence, and confidence in our campers. 

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