Come Join Us for our nature-based Developmental Playgroup

would it be helpful if your child

was able to help themselves?

How helpful would it be if your child was able to get dressed in the morning without help, choose clothes based on the weather or activities for the day, assist in getting a simple snack ready or keep track of their own backpack and belongings on a short trip?

made friends

How important is it that your child is able to make and keep friends?  Play skills and social skills are key developmental milestones in the 3-6 age range.  Children learn from intense pretend play, making meaning from experiences with other children and developing social connections.  A weekly group is perfect for developing key play and social skills.  This lays a strong foundation for later skills needed in making and keeping friends.

could handle their big feelings

All the feelings!  Children experience and express strong emotions through crying, kicking, screaming, falling to the floor, running off and saying mean or hurtful things.  Helping children develop their emotional intelligence is an important skill to master in this age range.  Children can learn to name it and tame it when it comes to big feelings.  There are no bad feelings, but there are better ways to handle them and we help kids learn and practice those coping skills.

What is a Developmental Playgroup?

Our developmental playgroup focuses on building key developmental skills in a fun, outdoor environment.  We focus on helping kids learn skills in self-help, social skills and handling the big feelings that are so common in the pre-school years.  The nature-based environment helps kids feel calm, attentive and ready to learn.  The social aspect of the group allows younger members to learn skills from older members AND older children to learn how to be kind and helpful to little ones.

Key Playgroup Details

  • Each playgroup meets one time per week for an hour.  The group is offered on Tuesdays
  • The group is limited to six children between the ages 3-6 years old and is a drop-off program.
  • The group is held at the Bernadette Morales Nature preserve in Flemington, NJ.  We play rain or shine.

nature to nurture





  • Weekly one hour outdoor play based group sessions
  • Group leaders are Licensed Occupational Therapy providers
  • Online Parent Portal to share videos and progress reports
  • Sibling and Two Day Discount

A few common questions

What if my child doesn't fit into the group?

We're experts at helping all children find a place and partner in the group.  Children move and learn at their own pace and we love seeing them progress from the first days of group to being confident with their new friends. Developing social skills is a key group goal and we focus on each child taking the next developmental step in play skills and making friends.

What if my child is afraid of bugs, etc?

Lots of children begin with normal fears of the outdoors.  We spend lots of time exploring nature and the feelings that come with being afraid, excited, anxious, or overwhelmed by what can be found in nature.  This provides a natural learning opportunity to handle big feelings.

What about the weather?

We love to play in all weather!  Playing in the rain and snow helps children develop dressing and self-help skills.  We help kids learn the key skills to organizing their gear and backpacks, getting coats and mittens on, opening their snacks and of course- cleaning up and leaving the forest a beautiful place.

Nature to nurture.

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732 595 8515

My son loved the playgroup and asked if it was the day to go each week.  He learned to be more independent and still talks about the group two years later.  We are so happy he participated.

Jennifer Mother of three year old son

Group hours

Tuesday : 3pm - 4pm


Bernadette Morales Nature Preserve


732 595 8515