Home Based Occupational Therapy

Two Boys and Birthday CupcakesAchieving Success in Everyday Life!

Home based occupational therapy provides intervention that happens where many of daily life challenges happen.

  • Does your child have trouble  dressing himself?
  • Does your child have trouble getting around the house or playing with others?

Benefits include:

  • You child can work on challenging skills where they generally happen.  There is no “pretending” to get dressed.
  • You child will learn to apply daily living skills at home where they are used most.
  • Parents are encouraged to take part in treatment to help carryover.
  • Siblings can participate with their brother or sister and may learn how to help their sibling with challenges.
  • Occupational therapy at home will address real life challenges that parents and caregivers face each day.
  • There is no travel to a center to work on exercises that you can’t or won’t do at home.
Home based occupational therapy
uses what you have available and
works with the whole family.

Please call: 732 595 8515 or email info@eponatherapyservices.com