EcoSensory Intervention

Does your child love to spend time outdoors?  Swinging on the swing or looking at bugs?






Have you ever wished you could turn this time into valuable therapy?

Ecosensory intervention incorporates a childs’ love of nature into valuable therapy time.  Children are encouraged to explore the sensory qualities of nature, expand their language skills and benefit from the healing qualities of being outside.

Ecosensory interventions can be incorporated into billable occupational therapy sessions or provided as a half-day respite to parents.  Ecosensory interventions are developed around the natural curiosity of your child.  It may include crafts with natural materials found during therapy, unstructured exploration of sensory qualities in nature, learning about the natural environment and creative play.

Benefits of spending time in nature are beginning to be scientifically documented for children with Autism, ADHD, developmental delays and children with emotional challenges.  In Richard Louv’s book, “Last Child in the Woods” he discussed the concept of “Nature Deficit Disorder” and the healing qualities of nature for all children.

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