About the DIR/Floortime Model

Parents provide the basis for development for all children

If you would like to schedule an assessment based on the DIR/Floortime model please call 732-595 8515 or email me at info@eponatherapyservices.com

Gina Taylor, MS, OT  has a certificate of Mastery in Basic of Floortime.  Do you know where your child is functioning in the Functional Emotional Developmental Milestones?

  • Level 1– self regulation and interest in the world.  Does your child have purposeful movements, do they respond to your changes in affect, are they able to maintain a calm alert state?
  • Level 2– Intimacy and falling in love with others.  Does your child demonstrate smiles and vocalizations with others, do they show curiosity, is there a bond/attachment or engagement between the child and caregivers?
  • Level 3– Two way communication.  Does your child understand cause and effect, do they respond to others emotional and non-verbal signals, do they respond with reciprocity?
  • Level 4– Complex communication. This is THE stage of continuous back and forth signaling.  Is your child able to maintain a game or engagement with many circles of communication, are they able to expand on play ideas, do they able to solve problems like how to reach a toy off a high shelf with another person?
  • Level 5- Creation of ideas.  Does your child use symbols in play, do they use words in play, are they fully engaged with back and forth communication and emotional signaling?
  • Level 6– Emotional thinking.  Does your child combine ideas together (I want to go outside, so I can play with my bike), do they connect feelings to actions, do they have an understanding of past, present and future?