Online Therapy Services

Telepractice is a way for therapists to reach families in under served areas.  Telepractice is a way to support families without being directly/personally in the home.  This option can be used in conjunction with direct service models of therapy.  TinyEYE provides information about their Speech Therapy Online Services.



e-occupational Therapy

The Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (CAOT) had published a position statement on the use of telehealth practices for occupational therapists.  In their document they outline recommendations and initiatives.  Their recommendations include:

  • Use National Initiative for Telehealth Guidelines to promote quality services
  • Use Evidence Based Practice
  • Engage in Continuing Education
  • Work within your scope of practice, regardless of the service delivery method

The CAOT feels that telehealth services, including occupational therapy, can help with healthcare access and equality.

How do clinician and families in need of services meet?



Occupational Therapy Month

April is occupational therapy month and also Autism Awareness month.  These two campaigns go well together as OT’s can have a positive influence on the lives of people with autism.  OT’s are often specially trained in sensory integration, teaching Activities of Daily Living, dealing with feeding/eating issues and improving social skills.

Back to School

September is a challenging time for many families as children with special needs transition back to school.  Some children really enjoy returning to the routine and stability that school provides.  Other children experience anxiety related to returning to school.  Here are a few helpful hints:

  1.  If possible, visit the school and/or teacher prior to the first day.  If not possible in person, see if there is a way to do a video tour of the classroom or Skype with the teacher.
  2. Have a printed schedule of the daily routine and review it with your child or begin to practice the week before.
  3. Create a special story or routine around a favorite or new toy that your child will be able to bring to school.  Older children could choose a special picture or necklace.
  4. Have a playdate with children from your child’s new class or old friends that they haven’t seen in awhile.

Although back to school can be a challenging time, it can also be a time to see your child shine as they grow.

STAAR Rehab Conference

The STAAR Rehab conference was another great experience.  I was able to take Sierra and learn more about PNF techniques and reviewed neurological rehab and progression.

“The Symposium on Therapeutic Advances in Animal Rehabilitation (STAAR) is a unique conference that provides continuing interactive, practical education for animal rehabilitation professionals.”

This conference has been a good opportunity for me as an occupational therapist to learn more about canine rehab from vets and physical therapists who are working in the field.  I love the focus that OT’s could bring to canine rehab with a focus on daily activities that the dog typically does such as eating, toileting, play, transferring into/out of a car, going for walks, etc.  Although dogs don’t need help with dressing- OT’s could still be helpful in the home care realm.