My gifts

Welcome to Epona Therapy Services, LLC and the Gift Economy

Your service may be offered as a gift.  A gift is given in the belief of reciprocity. How and when the gift is repaid is up to the receiver. Providing occupational therapy in the gift economy allows me to grow as a therapist, to explore new practice areas, to connect with families that I may otherwise not have been able to serve and to work in flexible conditions.

There are two main themes in gift economics: the first is service and the second is trust. I will work with you on a given project or challenge you are experiencing and then ask you to assess your feeling of gratitude based upon your means, opportunities, and satisfaction with the project. A gift economy does not mean that I work for free. It means that I have a skill set that I can provide that is meaningful and helpful to many people. Everyone has something to offer- maybe you will offer your gift in appreciation of the services you have received or you may offer a gift to someone else or to your community.

The gift economy is formed in a relationship between two people. In this relationship, I can offer my expertise in working with families. I can help families form healthy routines, simplify their lives/homes/toys, understand their children better, initiate a digital detox, build enriching environments, find balance as a mother/wife/caregiver/individual, decrease pain or discomfort during pregnancy and during the fourth trimester, use nature for healing, understand hippotherapy or learn through mentoring and much more. I hope that you will be able to accept my gift.

In response, I must allow gifts to flow into my life. These gifts come from many places and many people. Gifts can be in many forms- a new friendship, babysitting or petsitting hours, money, mechanical or home repair help, plants, educational experiences or tickets to events, housecleaning, time at a vacation spot, homemade meals or crafts, or you may choose to give to someone else who is in need. You should feel confident in the way you make the gifting relationship whole. In the end, we should both feel as we were treated fairly.

Do I provide occupational therapy in the fee for service model? Yes, there are times when a family has a specific need that I can fill, but does not fit into the gift economy. These are standing appointments for ongoing services at a time that is convenient to the family. If you need ongoing occupational therapy services for your loved one in your home at a set appointment time, my rate is $80 per hour.