All is well

I didn’t forget to update. Without swimming there is less to write about.

Sierra has had some feeding/eating issues- mostly centering around how much she was eating. Her appetite appeared to drop, but part of me thinks she was fatiguing during mealtime and she was giving up. She is now back to eating 2/3 chicken backs during each meal. She has also accepted the kelp supplement again and this is being used to cover her pill supplements (E, C, B, Fish oil, CoQ10, garlic, lecithin and probios).

Swimming is over for the summer. We never got back into swimming after my vacation the end of August. The mornings were too cold and my afternoons are busy with work. She is losing some of the muscle mass she had built. I have noticed the changes in 3-4 weeks.

I need a better winter routine, but haven’t put the time into writing it down yet. Sierra is still ambulatory and navigates the stairs with close supervision. She is doing well overall.

I have been thinking of doing some consulting for other families with DM dogs to help with household safety and comfort for the dog and caregivers.

3 thoughts on “All is well

  1. It is always so wonderful to see others like you, doing all you can to help your dog. I think offering consulting to others who are going through DM with their dog is a wonderful thing!
    I have made myself available to others who are going through a spinal injury, such as my dachshund suffered to guide them through the first tough weeks. Just helping to put their minds at ease and giving them hope is so rewarding to me. Not all vets are versed in the options, of DM or IVDD (in dachshunds), and alternative therapies… so getting the word out like you and I are doing via our blogs, etc. I think is great!

    Barbara Techel
    Author & Proud Mom of Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog

  2. Great to hear that others are interested in support and education about their dogs disability post injury or illness. Thanks for the encouragement.

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