Sierra’s foot is healing and she is mostly not licking it anymore. I think we are through the worst of it. I felt all the old frustration come back- I’ve not felt that way since before her diagnosis. It was really hard to force her to eat the antibiotics and then fight with her not to lick her foot, while she is ripping off bandages and waking up at 3am to go lick her foot.

This means we’ll be able to go back to swimming again this week. I will be putting some vaseline over the area with the sore to hopefully prevent it from become irritated again.

I haven’t seen much change with her DM over the last two weeks. She has tired days and days where she is stronger, but it appears that she is holding steady.Standing during dinner time it hard work- I’ve been watching to see if she is sinking as much in the back lately and it looks like she might be standing taller during dinner these days.

I am going to be attending an introductory course for Occupational therapists interested in Canine Rehabilitation- and it’s going to be taught by an OT I know!!

Sierra Walking Mid-July

Sierra needs a napkin- or why the grass works just fine.