Sierra has an infection in her foot and will be unable to swim until her foot is healed. She is on antibiotics in addition to all her other supplements. The antibiotics smell very horrible and will giver her a sick stomach if not taken with food- she must have them three times a day. She’s not very happy with me right now.

She had a good time at the farm this weekend, minus the foot infection. She had some trouble navigating the stairs to the second floor, even with close supervision. She did enjoy running around and even met an older golden retriever. I think it might take a few days for her to recover.

She is now getting MORE supplements including lysine, lechithin, spirulina, kelp, nutritional yeast and some wheat grass. The co-Q10 and the evening primrose oil also came in with the herbal supplements. Luckily, she seems to like the herbs better then I do.

On a sad note, my co-worker had a great dane that was 2.5years old and passed away suddenly today from kidney failure. I have hugged Sierra a few extra times today for sharing over 8 years with me.