Sierra’s swimming is coming along nicely. Her ears perked up when I mentioned swimming on Thursday morning- that’s a good sign. She is still having a little trouble getting into the pool, but okay overall. She is really wiped out for the rest of the day and having two days off in between seems like it’s pretty necessary at this point. I still don’t have a stopwatch or video of her swimming, but hopefully soon. This time she actually let me suspend her in the water while she rested for a bit.

We will not be doing the Eddie’s Wheel cart at this time. The used one from CA will cost almost the same as a new one. It’s a really big expenditure at this time since she is still ambulatory. I figure I can wait until she is having more difficulty and order a new one if the cost is going to be basically the same anyway. Leslie at Eddie’s Wheels had been very helpful throughout the process.

I have an herbal order ready to go through for Sierra and my horses. There were a few things I was missing off the Clemmons protocol. I am not sure how many more pill I can get her to eat though, as many days she doesn’t want to finish what she’s getting now. I am thinking about starting to grind the hard pills into powder and mixing them with her yogurt. Of course she might just then refuse her yogurt all together.

I have noticed that these warm/hot days have been tough on her. We spend more time in the basement together.