Damn DM

I am new to this journey, but so far one of the worst aspects has been the good days/bad days aspect!!

Last week after starting the nutritional protocol and home rehab Sierra looked really good. She didn’t cross, knuckle or drag all week. She looked straighter when standing and seemed perkier.

This week we’re back to where we were prior to her official diagnosis. She’s been draggin and knuckling, but she now knows, “Fix your foot” and will usually step correctly. At least she can still get up and down the stairs and sleep with us downstairs. I worry about her getting depressed when she can no longer be “part of the pack” at night!

I have a few leads on carts and have asked two manufacturers if they have any used carts available. I have been considering Eddie’s Wheels and Doggon. I think my preference is for Eddie’s Wheels. I took measurements last week, but will double check them before finalizing anything.