Clean bill of health

Sierra has a clean bill of health, outside of DM. She just had her blood work done, heartworm and lyme screen. Heartworm and lyme came back negative and her blood work all came back normal.

She is on intensive nutritional support for DM, following most of Dr. Clemmons protocol with some adjustments/additions for her diet. The first thing I have noticed since starting the nutritional support is that her nose is now soft and wet again- it’s been dry and a bit crusty for a very long time. I don’t think having a dog soft nose will help her DM, but it’s an interesting change. I have also been monitoring her water intake closely because it is appearing to drop back to “normal” levels after being elevated for over a year!

I need to do a standing test and time how long she is able to stand- plan to do that this weekend and try to get more/better video of her current walking.